How cost efficient are solar panels long term? Installation and maintenance compared to power savings?

How cost efficient are solar panels long term? Installation and maintenance compared to power savings? 

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    The recent studies show that the utilization of solar power has proven its cost efficiency. It has been estimated that the capital investment is retrieved in 6 to 9 years after installing residential solar systems. Although the time interval of retrieving the initial capital is dependent on several factors like location, system size, and system structure, a rough estimation could be determined depending on the facts and methodology described here:


    How to Calculate the Output of a Solar Photovoltaic System - A Detailed Guide 

    Another detailed example for calculation and estimation can be found under: 


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    I've seen payback periods within the range mentioned by Moustafa (6 to 9 yrs) in many projects. However, that is short considering that most solar panels are rated for 20-25 years. If you have access to financing at low interest, you can also consider purchasing the solar PV system with the bank's money and then paying the bank with savings, making your net expense zero. Unless you live in a city with extremely low electricity rates, a solar PV system can normally generate enough savings to pay back its own financing and still leave some savings after debt service.

    Keep in mind that incentives may apply. The three most common types I've seen are:

    • Rebates: Cash paid to you upfront to make solar power more affordable.
    • Feed-in Tariff: Cash paid for any surplus energy fed back to the power grid.
    • Tax Incentives: These can be exemptions (e.g. not paying the sales tax for solar) or credits (e.g. the 30% federal tax credit for solar PV systems installed in the US before the end of 2019).
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