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A few years ago Westburne was deep into Solar and then it seemed to die off.  Is Solar something that is not as popular now due to rebates or has LED taken the lead.

  • Are you located in Ontario? I'm under the impression that there was a solar boom when they first announced the feed-in tariff incentives, but market growth has slowed down as more and more buildings deploy their solar PV systems. Since PV modules are typically rated for more than 20 years, the market has to slow down at some point (it's not a product that gets replaced frequently).

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    Right now there is quite a bit of turmoil in Solar in Distribution- the prices of Modules and Inverters has fallen sharply and that makes holding inventory difficult.  Add to that unknown on rebate programs and utility feed in payments.  Also the largest seller/ installer Solar City rolling into Tesla and changing their model has changed demand.



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