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need HELP on dual axis solar tracker

Hi everyone,

 I`m an electrical engineering student, I need to build a dual axis solar tracker within a weeks. I need to build it to turn horizontally and vertically, the sensors will track the sun then the NE555 will be the servo controller. I plan to use the components as shown below :

1. Servo Motor
2. NE555 IC
3. 4 LDR
4. belt
5. solar panel
6. resistors and capacitors

but I have no idea how to connect all of these together, I search some information on google, but there's no circuit that match with what i want.. Can anyone just please help me to connect all of these together?

actually, what's the different of DC servo and servo??
by using NE555 IC, i need to make it to astable so that it can control the servo, right?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

  • Here is an idea that could simplify the project. I've read the specifications of some solar trackers and have noticed that many manufacturers do not track the sun directly. Instead, they use the following to calculate the sun's position in the sky:

    • Your coordinates
    • Time of the year
    • Hour

    Have you used an application called "Google Sky Map" for your phone? It can find the sun in the sky using this method, even if you are indoors. For example, you can find constellations during the day when they are invisible, or you can find the sun in a cloudy day. You can even find the position of the sun at the other side of the planet during nighttime.

    If you use this method, your tracker can point at the sun even with cloudy weather. Perhaps you can find a way to integrate the project with Google Sky Map. My logic is the following - if manufacturers do it like this, it has to be easier, otherwise they would be using sensors to find the sun in the sky.

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