Chris Detzel
Chris Detzel

What are the maintenance costs for solar panels/solar system?

Everyone seems to be talking a great deal about how great solar is (and I tend to agree), but I'm not finding a lot of information about how much it costs to maintain solar - like a solar array or solar system...anyone have any info or experience on how much it costs to just maintain a solar system? Many thanks.

  • Chris Detzel
    Chris Detzel
    Do you also have to clean them regularly?
  • According to the US Department of Energy, maintenance costs for solar photovoltaic systems are $20 per kilowatt per year on average, although they may rise to $30/kW/yr or $40/kW/yr on some cases. Considering that PV systems now have costs below $4,000 per installed kilowatt, this means that yearly maintenance costs are less than 1% of the system's cost.

    Maintenance is an investment - for example, a solar PV system that isn't cleaned frequently will suffer a drastic drop in performance. A single PV module that is covered with dirt will bring down the production of the entire array!

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    Solar panel maintenance costs can vary greatly depending on each solar provider because system installations are often tailored to the unique energy needs of each homeowner.
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