Chris Detzel
Chris Detzel

Anything to take into consideration with lighting and HVAC?

I've heard they can benefit each other/work together but don't know much else. Can someone please give me the downlow on what they know? Many thanks.

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    Lighting and HVAC go hand in hand. From energy savings, to comfort in the environment, to positive effecting a SIR calculation, these two energy measures are important to be considered together. HVAC is the second largest investment in any commercial space, other than the buildings itself. Lighting consume about 28% energy in these spaces. One provide light to enhance or build comfort in a space. The other provides heating and cooling for comfort. By conducting energy upgrades for bundled projects like HVAC and Lighting, you are able to reduce the heat created by the existing lighting fixtures when converting to energy efficient LED solutions. In turn, the heat reduction drops the amount of conditioned air in the space and the motors on the HVAC packaged units aren't running as long. Additionally, when looking at a project financially, Savings to Investment Ratio is a great metric to consider for bundled projects. SIR takes into account the life cycle cost of the equipment over time. HVAC upgrades can be more costly than lighting. Lighting is considered a low hanging fruit for energy efficiency. When combined together, the quick payback on lighting and the additional life cycle cost of the HVAC positive affect a SIR calculation. Lastly, most utilities offer additional incentives when conducting multi-measure projects. Please reach out to REXEL's Energy Solutions Specialist Team for more information.
  • Lighting and HVAC are normally the two highest electrical expenses in a residential or commercial building. This means that any energy efficiency upgrade focused on these two areas will have considerable effects on the monthly electrical bill. When choosing between lighting or HVAC alternatives, the most important technical specs to watch out for are:


    Lighting Efficacy - It is measured in lumens per watt. For a given illuminance level, lamps with a higher efficacy will be able to accomplish the task with a lower energy input. An upgrade from fluorescent to LED lamps may cut lighting expenses in the range of 40 to 60%.

    Lamp Wattage - This is closely related to efficacy, and is a direct indicator of two things:

    • The energy consumption
    • The heat introduced into the room

    Lamps with a low wattage save energy directly by reducing their consumption, and indirectly by reducing load on air conditioning equipment.


    SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) - This is similar to efficacy, representing the ratio of cooling output (in Btu/hour) to energy input (in watts). A SEER 26 air conditioner will achieve the same cooling effect with only half the energy consumption of a SEER 13 unit.

    COP - An alternative measure that uses watts for both the energy input and cooling or heating output.

    A higher SEER or higher COP are indicators of a lower energy consumption for a given heating or cooling load. Retrofitting lamps into LED before upgrading HVAC may also allow the nameplate capacity of HVAC equipment to be reduced! Several tons or air conditioning may be saved if a facility with hundreds of lamps carries out an upgrade to LED.

  • Chris Detzel
    Chris Detzel

    In reply to Andrew H.:

    Thanks and - useful info. - do you have any products that help with this specifically? Or any solutions that you would recommend? Many thanks!
  • Chris Detzel
    Chris Detzel

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    Also - found this snippet from interesting... "Lighting and HVAC are normally the two highest electrical expenses in a residential or commercial building. This means that any energy efficiency upgrade focused on these two areas will have considerable effects on the monthly electrical bill." Wondering if you've found this to be true, and within some of the projects you've done? Curious as to if you've had any examples of this...thanks!
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