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How do I calculate my blended kWh rate from my utility bill?

How do I determine my blended kWh rate and why is it important when factoring it into my energy ROI?

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    To calculate the blended kWh rate, simply take the total amount of your utility bill (not including late fees or any charges for water or gas) and divide it by the total kWh used for that billing period.

    It is best to find the blended kWh rate of a few different billing cycles and average those together for a more accurate rate (in case there was a large swing in usage for a cycle or for varying seasons when rates may be different.)

    They use the total amount of the bill because most of the taxes and fees that are charged are based off of the kWh used-so when you use less (or more) energy those fees will also go down (or up). This number will represent the true amount paid for the energy used.
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