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ithin hours, she was lethargic, ran a fever,( and had difficulty breathing

Driscoll, née Brock, said she felt completely "fine" on Wednesday as she headed in to work.

In her Facebook post(, she wrote that she had woken up in the middle of the night to her heart racing; her "chest felt tight" when she coughed, she wrote. She recounted similar symptoms to BuzzFeed News and added that she had even joked with her colleague at work that she had been affected by the pandemic earlier in the day.

"She laughed and said, 'Oh, it’s probably COVID-19,'( and I thought, 'That’s funny.' We were joking, but in retrospect it was not a funny joke," Driscoll said.

After consulting with her cousin who's a nurse, Driscoll made the rapid decision to leave her family at home and drive herself to the emergency room at 4:30 a.m. Thursday.


She was met with medical personnel(, who had all of their protective gear on and immediately tested her and admitted her to a quarantine room. She would spend the next few days there in complete isolation.

"Everyone that comes in is completely gowned — head-to-toe covered — that was really weird," said Driscoll. "I was very isolated. #drivinglicenseonline .. You're just trying to go through everything on your own."#drivinglicense

According to Driscoll, she received pain medication for her headache and antibiotics in case( her infection turned out to be bacterial. She didn't receive her official positive diagnosis of COVID-19 until close to midnight on Friday. #backupdocs 

Fortunately, by then, she said she had already started to feel better.

"The next day [on Saturday] the doctors came in and said, 'We're going to send you home. But don't stop anywhere, go straight home. Be quarantined until we tell you when you're not,'" she recounted.( #backupdocs 

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