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Can someone help me understand C Type MCB?

What's the main use of C type MCB's?

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     We have defined this in several places. 

    Type C Circuit Breakers

    Minimum trip current: 5 to 10 times rated current.

    This type of circuit breakers is used for loads with a moderate inductive component, typically electrical equipment which uses low-HP motors or specific types of lighting:

    • Air conditioners
    • Residential / Commercial Pumps
    • Fans
    • Lighting which uses ballasts with an inductive component

    This can be found here

    Miniature circuit breakers (MCB) are characterized by their low current ratings and fixed trip settings. Normally, MCBs have current ratings below 100 Amperes and, as their name implies, they have a compact size. There are three main types of MCBs, classified according to the current range at which they trip instantly. This can be found here

    Also, the  "C" is used for motor circuits (circular saws and smaller pumps), air conditioners and larger lamp groups. This article can be found here

    If you would like to ask our experts question around Type C MCB please click here, login and post your question. 


    here are some example products: 

    1-Pole Din Rail Mount Circuit Breakers


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