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LED Strip Lighting for Warm Location

Recently purchased a vacuum oven which used two 7" strips of  white, 12v 3528 LEDs at 120 chips per meter for lighting. The driver is a Mean Well constant current driver, model APC-25-700. The strips were located about 1.5" inches from the oven glass (outside the glass - not inside the oven obviously), just behind a sheet of plexiglass which performs as to keep someone from touching the oven glass directly. Still the LEDs operate in close proximity and it appears they burned out because of excess thermal load. I did not own the oven at the time so I cannot vouch for the conditions which precipitated the burn out. They are obviously fried though as there is charring on both the backside of the pcb and many of the resistors themselves are burnt up. 

The company is willing to replace the two 7"  led strip pieces... for $70. This seems excessive and I'm not confident that the replacements won't meet the same fate if it is a design flaw in choosing the wrong strips for the application.

Two questions, assuming it was a freak accident or that the previous owner somehow caused the excessive heat, what would be a good replacement strip for the aforementioned lights with the current driver.

Second question, if I were to start from scratch, including replacing the driver, what would be a good choice for strips and driver? The glass oven door is, like a conventional oven, square shaped. Rather than the two strips along each side I was thinking it would be better to run a continuous strip all the way around the door so as to provide more light. Ideally the strip has a high CRI so that I can make accurate assessments of whatever I'm baking based on color. Also, a dimmer would be nice.

Bonus question, is there a reason the company ran power from the driver to  each of the two 7" strips individually? Wouldn't it have been simpler to simply run power to one strip and then a jumper to the next?

Thanks! Look forward to hearing from people who know these lights a lot better than I do!

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