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Why choose led ceiling light for living room?

Why choose led ceiling light for living room?

With the habit and culture of the Vietnamese, we always want the living room - the central room of the house is outstanding and impressive right from the moment of entering.

1. Ceiling light fixtures that are mounted on a plaster or concrete ceiling provide good lighting and energy savings. Today's products are more compact with more luxurious designs that provide realistic lighting effects and are therefore easy to integrate with modern ceiling designs.

2. Long service life and less maintenance are big plus points of ceiling light bulbs. Using them, you will not have to headache to fix problems, remove the ceiling lights. The design is now using high-grade materials, waterproof, anti-dust, so the use time is longer.
Like all types of led lights, you can save a lot of money on lighting costs by using ceiling light fixtures. They are a highly efficient light source, saving 60-80% of electricity compared to incandescent and fluorescent lamps of the same brightness.

5. Ceiling luminaire can be combined with the dimmer to change the brightness to save electricity. At present, the line of high-end lamps can be combined with smart devices such as open, control through smartphone ... The light bulb color change is also the trend of recent use.

  • Thank you for this information. I always prefer LED lights for various reasons. I am renovating my kitchen by hiring kitchen renovation San Jose. I will also install under cabinet lighting as it gives a better look to the kitchen. LED lights is the best option in a number of ways.

  • LED lights are great and contribute to lesser energy bills. Recently I got LED lights installed by hiring professionals.
  • Thanks for the thorough explanations, I appreciate it. 

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    I having the same question Why choose led ceiling light for the living room? I also search a lot to get the answer but I did not get anything but now after reading this post I got the idea about it.
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    Thanks for your great Explanation. You are exactly right because LED doesn't look fine while hanging on wire. So it will always be Fitted on Ceiling or on POP.
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