Offshore LED compared to NA branding

Do you find the offshore market is catching up to the NA quality in LED lighting?

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    , I'm not sure that is entirely true. might be able to shed some "light" on this question...
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    I would say whether its Lighting products, Computers or TVs (which are all made offshore) the quality of the components drives the price.  Its just as easy to find products with "offshore" labels that may perform poorly or perform well.  The notable issue I see is when using a brand that has been in the Domestic Market for some time is that the company has the infrastructure to support the customer if something goes wrong- with a product or worst case a project.  If you're buying from an unknown offshore or domestic (importing) company "if" something arises it may be difficult to resolve a problem.


    Tom Forshee

    Key Account Manager

    Philips Lighting North America

  • I find the offshore parts work well enough but lack CSA designation
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    I agree, a local provider has the support network in place. This advantage should not be overlooked.
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    Another way to verify quality is really look at the written warranty on the products. What are the temperature limits? What do the LM79 reports say? Those factors really tell a story. When you go with a reliable big manufacturer you are assured of quality through testing, manufacturing practices and warranties.
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    It is very popular to manufacture the products by offshore factory. Whatever the product is , for example the lighting products, 15 inch tv, 32 inch monitor and so on, you can find plenty offshore providers.

    The biggest problem is how to get the best quality products from offshore factory. The most commonly used method is to visit the factory before putting the orders. If you are satisfied with the factory, you can place a small order to make sure everything is right. 

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