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How to decorate house for christmas holiday

Christmas is coming, I want to make my house more beautiful with smart led decorative lights. Can someone recommend some bright, high efficiency lights in a varity of styles & colors ?

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    What I can tell you is I have these two exact products in my front yard

    I started with the Sylvania kit and have been very pleased with them as a very good replica of the old incandescent colored C9 bulbs from years past, while maybe not as full color they are very vibrant.

    This is my 1st year with the Philips lights and I bought them exclusively as they were blue.   Normal LED chips start out Blue and then the manufacturers apply phosphor on top of them to achieve different kelvin of white.  I am guessing these however are blue LED with a Blue Lens on them and they are really Blue and really vibrant.  I dont know that I would do more than accent with them as they are very bold.

    Hard to get a good image of it with a phone but here are both of them.


    Tom Forshee

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    Philips Lighting North America

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    Thanks. I search for the internet and choose the best decorative lights Iotton Christmas lights which Individually Addressable Dimmable with Smart Phone APP Control.
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