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could you tell me the model of this compenent ?

Hello~all,thank you for reading my question

[size=14.4444446563721px] In order to make some new products, I took a lamp which bring a touch switch apart. There is a SGL8022W which can produce different square wave in the circuit.Then the outputted port of it connects a resistance.The output of resistance connect a pin which looks like a chip of transistor. Now I just need to use the part of resistance and transistor. But I don’t know what model of this transistor ! Next I found that in the circuit there are no any transistors, just some common silicon controlled tubes. I’m so confusing about it, has anyone know what is it?I also tried A1SHB,A2SHB,A3SHB of CMOS and so on,But MAC97A6 and a8 don’t have a better effective than this one. My goal is that the LED can be driven after the outputted signal of MCU pass this tube. The output of MCU belongs to sinusoidal wave with 100KHz. The following picture is my circuit I drew.Is the model of this transistor belong to SS8050 (this is SS8050's datasheet)? 

Can you understand what I mean? Any where you don’t know,please tell me?

Please help me out! Thank you in advance!

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