What is the best LED light available

 What is the best LED light available to give you a warm white light available for my home

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    thank you for your question. That's a tough question to answer since there is so many options out there. It also depends what you have in your home now. With that said, I'm tagging some knowledge folks to see if they can give you a recommendation. maybe , , or could help.
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    Giving a specific answer is different, since there are so many LED products. What type of base is it? A medium screw base or G10 pins?

    Regardless of the product, I believe the most important characteristics are:

    • Since you want warm white light, color temperature should be under 3000K. Most warm white LED lamps I've seen offer 2700K.
    • A lamp can offer warm white light but with poor quality. To avoid this, you will want to use the highest color rendering index available. The lower the CRI, the higher the distortion of color perception becomes. There are warm white LED products with a CRI of 90 or above (maximum value is 100).
    • Purchase a UL Listed product.
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    Phillips has a 9.5wA19 LED lamp that is equivalent to 60w incandescent lamp. This lamp is dimmable with full lumen output of 800 lumens.
    The part number is: 9.5A19/LED/827-22dim120V
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    LED light should first look at the type of light emitting diode (LED), now the LED chip of home is recommended to select 5050 type of square patch; secondly, look at the internal pressure lowering circuit, but it seems that the lamp can not be disassembled, and again, the number of LED to determine the brightness of the lamp, but ultimately less than the energy saving lamp, the price ratio is not very high, but the quality is too bad. LED lamp life is very long, mainly in the circuit to the LED chip of the light decay control how.
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    For me, its Phillips.
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    I also agree, it's Phillips, been using this for couple of years it's a tough question though you can ask and check for other try to compare them.
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    For 60 watt equivalent bulbs I used a combination of Philips Slimstyle and Cree. The Slimstyle I got for $4 each and use them where they will work. They are a flat bulb so they won't work for everything. I paid between $4 and $8 each for the Cree bulbs. I am 100% LED except a few lights in the basement that are rarely used. No idea how much electricity I am saving as I put in LED bulbs in all new fixtures when I moved into this house. During the winter I use about 300 KWH per month for about $50 a month.

    A good LED bulb to check out is the GE cylindrical 60 watt bulbs at Home Depot. $9.99 for three of them. If you need the look of regular light bulbs, or you have a clamp on light shade they won't work for you.
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    I likewise concur it's Phillips, been utilizing this for a couple of years it's an extreme inquiry however you can approach and check for other endeavours to think about them.


    I have use led moon lamps here and I like this lights.

  • Violet LEDs with red, green, and blue phosphors over them have very high color rendering, including deep red and cyan output. What's even more important though is that they can be had in neutral white color temperatures, making for balanced lighting in color-critical environments.

    Incandescents are stuck being extremely warm, making for unbalanced lighting. The very low blue output is great for nighttime and helps us fall asleep better, but you don't see color critical workplaces running incandescents. Hell, most don't even run violet LEDs, because a standard 85-90 CRI 4000k fluorescent tube is more than enough.

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    Great information
  • If you don’t have dimmer switches in your home, Philips SceneSwitch 60W Equivalent LED is the product to go for, as with it you can dial the SceneSwitch LED to different brightness settings only by turning it off and back on.
  • Robert, at LEDVANCE, we have SMART bulbs that you can tune to the color of light you want.  Any where from 2700K to 6500K.  This way you can tune the color of white to what you prefer.   We have WiFi ZigBee or Bluetooth controlled smart lights.  If you want to see what we have, you can go here. 

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    I think Kili led and Phillips is nice.
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