Chris Detzel
Chris Detzel

Getting Started with The Grid Beta Community

Hi There-

Welcome to the The Grid beta community! We're glad you're here.

Below are some steps to get started on our site that we think are helpful.

We're hope you're as eager to engage as we are to help, and if there's anything we can do to make the experience better, don't hesitate to ask.


Getting started:

1. Sign in or Join our community - click here to do so. Joining comes with benefits!


2. Then fill out your profile - a hint - the more information you fill out, the more likely you are to get customized content on topics that you care about.


3. Update your settings while you're at it.

Need a little help? Find out all about settings here.


4. Engage!

Engage with your peers and experts by simply liking a post, or adding your two cents to it.

It doesn't have to be anything big or ground shaking - we appreciate a little humor too, so if you have a question or comment, don't be afraid - just ask or post.


To ask, simply click the "new" blue button on the right (within a topic) to start a question or a discussion. More detail here if you're looking for it.

And that's it - thank you for sharing your expertise!

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