Chris Detzel
Chris Detzel

How to edit your profile

Here's a quick overview of what your account settings can do and how you can modify them.

Settings are located here (FYI - you can change your settings at any time)

Here are all the settings you can edit:

Also, there’s a copy box at the bottom if you’d like to update your signature to say a little something about you…


Email digests are for telling us what you'd like to receive updates on...

Notifications are how and when (and what for) you’d like to be notified of in terms of topics, forums, and experts.

If someone, for instance, mentions you in a reply post, or drops your name in a blog post, or wants to know your opinion on an a wiring job, you probably would want to know that. 

All you have to do is click the check box on the right to get alerts and notifications sent to your inbox - just make sure all the boxes are checked!

As a note -  this turns on the email notification. Meaning, you'll get an email about what you care about - what's happening with the threads you follow, the posts you create and any other content you want to follow on the site



Click "save" to save changes and you're done!

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