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Chris Detzel

How to login to The Grid

Welcome to the Rexel Community – we’re glad you’re here! The community is a customer focused support group that where Rexel shares expertise in order to help you on the job or the job site. Take a look around and get comfortable –we’re here to help with whatever challenge you can throw at us! Our experts – employees and suppliers as well as other community members – are ready to help you out.

Who is Rexel?

Rexel is a leading electrical distributor for the electrician professional in the commercial, industrial and residential space. Want to know more? Check us out here

Now, back to signing in…

Here’s a quick how-to on how to sign in and set up your account so the community can be as useful to you and your work as possible.

Signing up is easy to do, and we’ve tried to not only make it as easy as possible, but as quick and uncomplicated as possible. You can also access the sign in through the top navigation on the right (the chess piece person, until you update with your image) when you return, after signing in for the first time.

  1. Visit 


You can use your social media account or register as a new user: 

Then fill out the form. It's required. 


Once you've signed in, you can go ahead and start sharing, start searching for answers and connecting with other electricians. Fill out your profile so we can start delivering the most relevant topics that you’re interested in.

The benefits of our community are great - gather advice from our experts, share your expertise, get updated on the latest news and information on your favorite topics and products.


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