Does A Diploma Helps People For Their Life And Work?

I failed half of my courses this semester. I tried so hard, studied as much as I could but it just doesn't seem enough. I'm interested in the courses that I'm taking and I'm able to actually do them but somehow, when it's time for the exam, I blank out.

I'm not really open to my parents and I don't feel comfortable telling them about how I feel. I know that my parents only want the best for me, I know that they love me but when it comes to school, it's like there is no valid excuse for me to not do well in them. I know that I messed up and that I had no reason whatsoever to fail any of my courses and that I will have to face the consequences of my decisions, I know that I will have to tell my parents about it because though they don't pay my tuition, but how should I tell them? I'm terrified of what they are going to say and I feel so disappointed and ashamed of myself that I let this happen.

Occasionally when I was searching on the internet, I got to know the website offers university diploma and academic transcript, after talking with them for details, I ordered a full set of diploma and transcript of the university I attended, after 10 days I received these paper, the diploma and transcript looks exactly like the one my classmates got from my university, I believe they will save my relation with my parents. I appreciate the help from so much that’s why I write my experience today.

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