Retrofit LED Tube

Can someone please clarify something for me, I have been trying to find out what is different about Retrofit LED tubes In comparison with other LED Tubes.

Now i am not a novice when it comes to wiring, but I have a couple of Flourescent T8 6Ft single tube lights and want to replace them for LED.

I have seen the videos on YouTube how to bypass the Ballast Resistor but not going to do that until i have a clear understanding what is meant by Retrofit LED Tubes.

Is it  a case of removing the old Tubes and just fitting these LED units straight back in place, or does the ballast resistor need to be removed In other words bypassed?

I also note that on the fluorescent lighting units i have there is no starter barrel usually seen on the side or underside of the unit obviously this being taken care of by the Tridonic Ballast.

On the retrofit LED tubes one end is Positive and the other end Negative but on some there is no label to tell you which end is what so if a person were to bypass the Ballast and the tube is fitted the wrong way around it could result in damaging the LED tube, but also is it adviseable to fit LED tubes into a unit which has no starters fitted would they not overheat and burn out.

The tombstones at each end of the tube are the ones where the tube has to be turned to be removed.

I am also In the UK so wiring might be different to that of the US or Canada but the process of wiring up these units will be similar.Thank you in advance for any help much appreciated.

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