How does information get from my computer to a transceiver in Fiber Optics?

I understand the basics of fiber optics.  You have a transceiver (Tx) or WDM that converts electronic signals into light and sends it to another location via a fiber cable.  At the other location its received (rx) by another transceiver where it is converted back into electronic signals. 


My question is as follows: How do these electronic signals go from my computer to the transceiver (transmitter)? and how do they go from the transceiver (receiver) back to the next computer? How are the electronic signals transported? Also, what equipment is necessary after the transceiver? 


Question #2: Is a switch IN a transceiver? or is it a different device all together? Is a WDM and a transceiver the same thing? 


Thanks in advance!


PS: Any source documentation I can study up on will be highly appreciated! I'm trying to learn about internet connectivity and fiber optics :) 

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