The Best Electrician Tool Bag


I am a regular try to reading post about tool bag, and I found a good tool bag.
it is Rack-A-Tiers 43095 Pocket Pro Tool Holder or Dottie 1528 23 Pocket Tool Bag,  the bag's are very comfortable for our regular construction work and
makes it easy.
so we reviewed more about it in this link site, read us: Rack-A-Tiers 43095 Pocket Pro Tool Holder #usr201395

I've had a lot of variety in demands for a tool bag. I'm HUGE on the organization, just makes life easier when you know where everything's supposed to be. That being said,

I have both the large and small version of this bag and LOVE them.

#usr1154694 Dottie 1528 23 Pocket Tool Bag - 11" x 10" x 19"

Basically, the small one is great for your basic tools and is easy and comfortable to actually carry around a lot. The large one doesn't seem THAT much bigger, but it really is, you can load that thing up so much that you are totally stocked with every tool you might need, but it's so heavy that it's ridiculous to carry. It's the ultimate T cart tool bag. Carries everything but has a very small footprint and requires minimal real estate.

The downside to those bags is weather resistance and the fact that all of your tools will fall out if you put them in a truck bed, or in a gang box and someone knocks them over. I'll eventually buy one that is better suited for my needs, which would solve the stuff falling out and weather resistance problems but at 4x the cost of a CLC, it will have to wait.

basically, you're gonna end up with a lot of bags in the end for various job circumstances. Where I lives it rains a lot, so if you're working outside, no kind of bag will do, and only a waterproof box will suffice, the clc bags I like so much are perfect for indoor and T cart use, but overall, the only thing I've seen that looks like it would perform in almost all situations is the veto pro pac.

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