Belden RevConnect vs Fluke JackRapid Punchdown

Looking for some feedback on Belden RevConnect jacks? Are they worth the additional expense.  Have you found them quicker and easier to use?

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     I cannot seem to find a lot of data and information on this particular tool. It must be new? Something that I did find a lot of good data on is around the Fluke Networks JR-LEV-2 Punchdown Tool. #usr335417 Some of the electricians comments I've looked at said something like,

    JackRapid Punchdown Tool Reviews: 

    " The trim on the wires is really nice and clean. I've also used it on some no-name brand jacks from home stores when I needed to do a quick add to a system and didn't have my regular parts. I would think it would work with a number of different brand jacks, as long as they are relatively close to the size and dimensions of the Leviton QuickPort jacks. If you only have to punch down a couple jacks, probably not that big a savings. If you have to trim out an entire office suite, or home, You'll love it."

    "cuts installation time to about half as long as a standard termination with a punch tool. love this product and the replaceable heads for different jack manufacturers means u can make this pretty much the only tool you need for terminations. costs a bit but the time saved pays off." 


    • Cuts installation time - easy to use handle, seats and cuts all wires at once, saving you up to 1 minute installation time per jack!
    • High quality, consistent terminations - no more compromised connections and wasted jacks
    • Simple, one-handed operation with an ergonomically designed handle reduces hand fatigue
    • Unique design easily accommodates close-to-wall installation
    • Replaceable blade head for use with multiple jack types

    You can buy in our Canadain locations: 

    Nedco Quebec:  Fluke Networks JR-LEV-2 Punchdown Tool

    I hope this helps!

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    REVConnect addresses a critical market need for reliable and easy terminations for a wide range of applications; from wired LAN to wireless access points, high definition displays, security cameras and building automation sensors. It  utilizes a single termination method for Category 5e, Category 6 & Category 6A UTP & STP and features a highly reliable & secure termination for all category levels.

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