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What's the best Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?

Hello, I am in search of a high quality Bluetooth speaker without the high price tag. Trying to stay away from Bose, beats by dre, and Sony for this reason. Looking for something similar to iPop which with high cost performance.

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    I recommend Bose SoundLink Revolve+. In terms of sound and design, the Bose Revolve Plus is hard to beat.

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    I have the Bose SoundLink Color the best Bluetooth speaker I ever had! It even talks to you telling you what device it is connected to and can remember up to I think 8 devices at a time. When turned on it automatically try’s to connect to the last 2 recent devices. I meant to do a podcast review on this speaker but never got around to it.
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    If you want to drop a little more cash: The UE Boom 2 is waterproof and sounds great (I bought one for an ex-girlfriend of mine). I have a Bose Mini Soundlink 2 (which has fantastic sound quality, but no waterproofing) and I would say the sound quality is very comparable. Something to consider.
  • I would suggest you to install Shark Bluetooth Speakers. These speakers can be installed in anywhere in Outdoor & Indoor.
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    UE Megaboom 3. Excellent sound quality and battery life. Though, it's pretty big and heavy.

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    You can also go for JBL Xtreme. It won't cost you high. Besides if you want any solution to Linksys Error 211, you can visit and find solution to it.
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    Yes, you'll find that each brand carries a range of products for most budgets, so shouldn't be a problem finding something that suits your spending limit.

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