running Wiremold across crown moulding


      I am doing some work in my brothers apartment and one of the rooms I will be using wiremold to install a switch and ceiling fixture. Going up from the switch box to the ceiling fixture I will have to cross crown moulding. It is not big, from vague memory i'd say about 3 inches out both ways with a shape of a quarter circle and flat parts at the edges. Something like a quarter pipe that skateboarders ride on. I'm not too fond of the idea of buying a wiremold bender (I almost never deal with Wiremold) but just might if its the best option or at least see if i can borrow one from somebody.

So far my current plan is to get the Milwaukee M18 Oscillating tool to cut a small channel in the crown moulding so i can put a Wiremold "inside elbow" in the channel that I removed.

How would you guys approach this situation?

Please help.

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