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can some body calculate for me the electrical bill for different power factors

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    The billing related to the power factor will vary depending on the utility supplier and the contracts with the customer, but here's a general idea of how it works

    There are three type of loads on an electrical system. Resistive loads are measured in Watts. Inductive and capacitif loads (also called reactive loads) are measured in VAR (Volt-Ampere Reactive).

    The power taking off the grid is measured in VA, Which is the square root of (Watts^2 + VAR^2), or Watts / power factor

    Most utility companies will split their bill into two components. Power and energy.

    For the power portion of the bill, the utility company will only charge the power used in Watts, forgoing the extra power supplied because of reactive loads, unless your power factor is below a certain threshole. If the customer's power factor go below that threshole, the utility company will then charge the customer's power using VA or some other type of surcharges. Refer to your local utility company to know the exact penalties to pay.

    Now, if you have a power factor issue, we can help! Since most of the reactive loads in an electrical network are inductives, you can improve your power factor by using a capacitor banks that will compensate for the inductive loads and improve your power factor, therefore reducing the power bill. You can contact your local rexel salesperson to know the solutions we can supply.

    Hope it helps.
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    Very useful! Thanks
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