Electrical Car Charging Stations

Why so many manufactures either are stop producing or selling their divisions off ? eg. Schneider ELectric , GE .

Is it not profitable anymore , no demand like they thought or a single or couple manufactures have a monopoly of the market?

  • are you seeing that MFG's are selling off their divisions? I haven't heard that. I see, especially in European markets, charging stations everywhere. You are starting to see them pop up in The US, certain cities, as well.
  • I haven't heard news specifically for electric vehicle charging stations, but it's happening in lighting divisions, industrial equipment divisions, etc.

    Many companies are now focusing more on services and financing, leaving manufacturing to a third party that continues to uses their brand name and pays royalties. OSRAM Sylvania did it with lighting products, and GE with industrial solutions if I recall correctly.

  • It is a super competitive market, and not as profitable as expected currently.
  • Europe really is fragmented regarding charging stations. For example the Netherlands invested early and in a unified interconnection system, whereas in Germany one encounters at least six different Standards, meaning you find charging stations everywhere but unfrequently the one you need.
  • Well, this might be because they're run out of investments from their investors or demand can be decreased.
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  • Unlike traditional gas stations, it seems like the barriers to entry for electric charging stations are going to much lower. Unfortunately, that means early adopters will likely pay a high price for their stations only to eventually be undercut by new stations put in at a fraction of the cost.

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