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Ready for IIoT? Confused as to what, why or how?

The Internet of Things for Industrial applications. Why is it desired? What will the advantage be? How/who will make it work...

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    That's a big question. Here is some info around IIOT. 

    The underlying philosophy of the "Internet of Things" is to measure all data " automatically " using suitable sensors and to forward it to the Internet in real time . An essential role is played RFID technologies that are not only required for automatic identification within the process chain, but also more than ever the key to intelligent communication in warehousing and goods logistics.


    In order to be able to successfully implement the concept of total networking and worldwide data traffic (Industrial Internet) in an industrial environment, the following main points must be met:

    • Intelligent sensors, machines and systems
    • Control and communication of all processes in real time
    • Reliable connection between real and digital (virtual) world
    • High IT security and reliable data protection (cyber security)
    • Powerful hardware for the computer and data infrastructure
    • Filter and analysis tools for process optimization and predictability
    • Well-trained staff who understand how these systems interact

    I hope this helps. 

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